Simple, minimalist, and yet, classy. They do exactly what they were invented for; tell you the time. But instead of being lost in the details, let’s take a tour in the world of minimalist watches because these are the type of watches that are trending on everywhere  They look fancy, elegant, beautiful, and to make it even better, you can buy one for a reasonable price.

As clean, minimalist and simple design is more and more popular nowadays, we felt it was time to give our visitors a list of the best minimalist watches on the market available. To help you pick the best one for your taste and style, we’ve tested these products, reviewed the design, the physical attributes, comfortability and even durability. What’s left for you? Pick the one you like the most, but we warn you; it’s not gonna be an easy decision.

Skagen Klassik Silver/Brown

This is the watch you want to wear when you walk into a business meeting. No doubt; the design is eye-catching, and the brown leather strap completes the face perfectly. It’s not difficult to fall in love with the aesthetics of the watch once you come across it. With it’s simple and elegant style, this Skagen watch is a perfect gift for yourself, or for your friends and family members.


Stuhrling Original 768.01

It is almost a bargain for the price you have to pay for this watch. It has a lot of class and elegance, and also is very durable due to the shatter resistant Krysterna crystal dial window. Prepare to receive multiple compliments because this watch is going to fit in your smart look utterly. Black leather strap, stainless steel watch, polished silver-tone crown – this is the watch you’re looking for!

Timex Easy Reader T2N794

With a respected brand, comes a well-designed watch. In this case, this watch is not only beautiful but also complements casual looks as well as smart outfits. The design is just impressive, tasteful and minimalist, while the face is amazingly attractive and classy. When it comes to comfort, our experience matched other’s; we could almost forget we were wearing a watch. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Daniel Wellington 0106DW

While it might be a bit too expensive for some, the quality and the design it has is just fantastic. For us, the first in-hand experience was phenomenal – classy look, comfy wear. It’s neither too big or too heavy and goes really well with neutral-colored outfits. For the feeling and look it provides, we say the price is reasonable. If you decide to go with this one, you’ll be satisfied. One of the best piece on the market of minimalist watches.

AIBI 51101-2 Black

Some would suggest after looking at the price that it is just another cheap watch with bad quality. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong because once you get the luxurious box and open it, the appeal of the black face with the silver dial numbers is just pure class. The watch band is genuine leather, soft and comfy, but at the same time, strong and durable. Worth every penny!

Komono Winston Regal

“Sleek, sophisticated and elegant” – says the official product description, and we couldn’t agree more. Our test product arrived just in time, and once we’ve set eyes on this masterpiece, we knew we would fall in love with it. It blends modern and classic perfectly while being stylish and trendy. When there’s a watch you wouldn’t change a thing about, you know there’s a watch you should buy without hesitation.

Mondaine Helvetica No.1

We’re talking about an elegant style with a minimalist dial that’s easy to read. The simple and clean look the Mondaine Helvetica has is just portraying class. Helvetica – this gorgeous font was integrated in the best way possible. The build quality is perfect and the weight of the watch is just fine. The black hour markers and the black hands match perfectly with the silver, stainless steel case. The whole design of the Mondaine Helvetica is just on point, period.

Bulova Men’s Strap Silver Dial

With a stainless steel case and a soft leather band, this watch is one of our favourites. Of course, it’s the design that makes us say it mostly, but the quality build, in this case, is also an important factor. When we say this watch is really lightweight – you should know that we mean it. It almost feels like you’re not even carrying a watch at all. It is suitable for either casual and smart outfit and overall it is a great wrist watch with a clean design and a reasonable price.

Preview Product Price
Bulova Men's 96B104 Stainless Steel... Bulova Men's 96B104 Stainless Steel... $175.00 $97.50

Hamilton Intra-Matic Silver Dial

Yes, we all know what you’re thinking, but let us at least introduce this beauty first. This watch comes with a stainless steel case and a black leather strap, and it has a breathtaking silver dial. Now, let’s be honest; it is expensive, $527 is a pretty huge amount for a watch, but high quality has it’s price, unfortunately. If you would like to spend that amount on a watch, then we would definitely advise you to go ahead and buy it – oh, and don’t forget; it is a special one.

Braun BN-24WHG Analog

With their products, you can shave or dry your hair, but have you thought about the fact that they design and manufacture minimalist watches? And not everyday ones – this certain piece is simple and clean, with a minimalist design and a comfortable wear. Customers say it’s easy to read and we believe in the importance of feedbacks – most of them bought it as a gift, and almost all of these people were satisfied with this watch.

Summary of the Best Minimalist Watches

You’ve come to the end of this list, and we’re hoping you have a bigger picture of minimalist watches after reading it through. If you’re still unsure about which one to buy, make sure to check the ratings on the watches’ website from verified customers. When there are so many watches to choose from, it is never an easy decision. But hey, at least you have multiple options, so check your wardrobe, pick the one that fits you the most and conquer the world!

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