One of the most trending types of wrist watches is wooden watches. They are manly, elegant and most importantly, they are not expensive at all. They are stylish and classy, but the design is not the only thing that matters. If you want to add a new wooden watch to your collection, you should look for quality and durability as well. We’ve done the dirty work, and compiled the best wooden watches, so you can just pick one you like the most.

Why Wooden Watches?

Because it is the perfect gift for your special one or yourself. Wooden watches fit well with casual wear but can complement business and elegant outfits as well. Thanks to their price, they are affordable for a lot more people. If you want to stand out from the crowd, wooden watches are for you!

wooden watchesWoodgrain Watches

Firstly, a Woodgrain watch comes with a luxurious box which protects your product before arriving.  Secondly, it is extremely stylish and fits almost every outfit. The sleek wooden design is definitely a conversation starter, it is eye-catching indeed. During the time I was wearing one, I got a lot of compliments from friends and colleagues.

These wooden watches are really unique, and while they are significantly lighter than stainless steel watches, wearing them still feels incredibly comfortable. Even though Woodgrain watches are quite affordable, they look really expensive thanks to their classy design.

If you’re looking for a minimalist, unique and attractive watch for a good price, look no further, you’ve found it. This is a classy timepiece with a touch of vintage.

wooden watchesBewell Watches

All of Bewell’s watches are made of wood and most of the watches are handmade as well. The craftsmanship is just breathtaking as you take a better look at the face of these watches. The design is elegant and amazing, fits almost every occasion. Also, Bewell watches are comfortable to wear, also the band is large enough to fit on bigger wrists. If you have a smaller wrist, you can get the links removed easily.

As of accuracy, this watch is perfectly precise. Also, water resistant at 30m and convenient to daily life.  This environmentally friendly timepiece offers a classy look and quality while being inexpensive. Among the selection, you can find wooden watches in different colors and in different styles, such as retro, modern and minimalist.

wooden watchesViable Harvest Watches

Beautifully packaged, quality wooden watches with authentic leather strap. A casual watch, but goes well with business attire. All natural materials and lightweight, comfortable wear. One would expect the price to be much more for a watch like this, but Viable Harvest watches are not only beautiful but affordable timepieces.

You can browse between different face designs, going from modern to vintage. Also, Viable Harvest offers a 100% money-back guarantee, so in case you’re not satisfied with the product, you can just get a refund. But honestly, we don’t think you’ll need that.


wooden watchesTreehut Watches

A small team from San Francisco, Treehut offers you one of the best handmade wooden watches on the market. They are using eco-conscious materials and all of their watches are made of real wood. In terms of design, Treehut watches are minimalist and simple, just what most people are looking for. The straps are made of genuine soft leather material and ensure comfortable fitting.

The Treehut wooden watches are guaranteed to give you the accurate time as a result of Japanese quartz analog movement. Also, they can withstand splashes of water or rain. Being made of bamboo wood, these timepieces have a truly unique design and are extremely lightweight, so you will most likely forget you’re even wearing a watch. However, people will remind you of it with compliments on it.

wooden watchesCucol Watches

Wooden watches manufactured by Cucol are made of real wood and are designed perfectly. These minimalist, clean and simple watches get a lot of compliments for all owners. The face is quite big, which gives the watch a manly look. Also, the watch itself is unbelievably lightweight and comes in a beautiful box which makes Cucol watches perfect gifts.

Some find the strap uncomfortable, but it wasn’t the case with us, the smooth leather strap provided full comfort throughout the test. The color combinations are expressing class and minimalism. The Japanese Quartz movement offers a long-lasting battery life and accuracy. Overall, it is a great buy for yourself or for someone you care about.


So, these watches were all great, and you’re still indecisive? Let’s summarize what we know!

  • Looking for a minimalist wooden watch with good quality and clean design? Pick the Woodgrain watches or the Treehut watches.
  • If you’re rather interested in a retro styled, vintage watch, have a look at the Bewell watches, or the Viable Harvest watches.
  • Assuming that you’re on a budget, but would like to buy a wooden watch anyway, consider Cucol watches, as they are super cheap.

Yes, picking one out of the many options is never easy, but we hope we could provide you a list of the best options, and narrowed down the possibilities.

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