daniel wellington watch review

About the brand

Daniel Wellington, the company that was founded in 2011, was named after a men, who was wearing an old, vintage watch on weathered NATO straps. When the founder, Filip Tysander met the men in question, he decided to design his own line of watches. This is Daniel Wellington, the collection of minimalistic, elegant and simple watches with different type of straps and faces. However, they have one thing in common: the shamelessly perfect design.

Nevertheless, the NATO strap was a huge success, but Filip was already thinking about different combinations, and that is how the Daniel Wellington watches got the leather strap, which became just as iconic as the ones with the NATO strap. Since then, the success of Daniel Wellington is untouched, so we figured a review on these watches would come in handy in fact you, dear visitor, considering buying one of these brilliant timepieces.

Design and Movement

All Classic Bristol models have a 40mm stainless steel case, while other models like the Dapper St. Mawes has a 38mm case diameter. The color of the case is either rose-gold (our favorite) or silver. Unlike many other watches, there’s no bezel on the DW watches, so that it looks much more minimalistic. Furthermore, it is a very thin watch (6mm), but we couldn’t imagine these being thicker.

All of the faces are eggshell white, so they look clean and simple in every variation. The hand’s color usually matches the case color, and the Daniel Wellington logo and text is located at 12 o’clock. Whichever color you choose, they will most certainly fit all your clothes.

Thanks to the Japanese quartz movement, the watch doesn’t lose time often, in fact, it is pretty accurate. The mineral crystal glass makes the DW watches durable and resistant. Even though many watch enthusiasts dislike the Japanese quartz movement, in my opinion, they improved a lot in recent years. What’s important for me is that the watch is accurate and long-lasting, and that can be said about Daniel Wellington timepieces. Also, these watches are water resistant to 30 meters, meaning they withstand splashes of water or rain, but are not suitable for swimming.


What makes Daniel Wellington so special besides the minimalist and clean face? By now, everyone knows it is the strap that makes the difference. You can choose from several genuine leather and nylon straps with different patterns. Before you pick just one, we would like you to know that all straps are interchangeable, so it is possible to create a new watch every day without buying a new one. But back to the straps:

The NATO strap (which was originally the British Navy’s strap) is really popular and could fit any wear from casual to formal. With different color combinations, you can customize your watch and pick the one that fits your current outfit the most.

In terms of leather straps, you can browse between different shades of brown and black. They are becoming more and more popular, but what would you expect when they are durable and extremely classy at the same time? Yes, exactly. I would even run the risk of saying that DW watches with leather straps sell better nowadays than the ones with NATO straps. According to Amazon, I’m right.


Firstly, we know Daniel Wellington watches are expensive for some, however, on Amazon, you can get them with a discount and/or for a much lower price. On Amazon, the price ranges between $50 and $110 depending on seasonal sales and amazon discounts, which is a great price for the value of this watch, especially that you’ll get a lot of compliments on your timepiece. While you can grab good watches for as low as $20-$30, the Daniel Wellington watches were and always will be special in a way. The fact is that you pay for the quality, but at the same time, you pay for the brand. Quite annoying, but you have to pay the logo in most cases anyway.

Overall, the price is reasonable and affordable, the Daniel Wellington watch is worth buying for around $100.

Our Picks

Daniel Wellington watch review

Daniel Wellington Classic St. Mawes

This watch comes with a brown genuine leather strap and has silver case and hands. Its classic and clean design leaves nothing to be desired. The color combination works perfectly on this timepiece, and will surely get a lot of compliments for its owner. At first, it might seem a bit vintage, which adds a lot to the awesomeness of this watch.

Daniel Wellington Classic York

The same design except that this time, the color of the case and hands is rose-gold. And no, not in a feminine way, it looks absolutely stunning on any men in person. In case we forgot to add before, the crown is also rose-gold, and its size suits the classic appearance of this timepiece. The croc-embossed leather strap completes the full image.

Daniel Wellington watch review
Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford

And here is the version with the striped nylon strap, or as Daniel Wellington calls it, the NATO strap. The same parameters in terms of mechanics, but design-wise, it has silver case and hands. The strap is indeed spectacular, and the fact that you can change them is amazing. With this strap, you will definitely stand out of the crowd, and in a good way!


To be honest, we didn’t except Daniel Wellington watches to impress us, but they just did. The clean and classy, minimalist design of the face and dial is breathtaking, while the interchangeable straps make it simple and easy to customize your watch to your taste. The DW watches will suit any of your outfits, be it casual or elegant. For a reasonable price, you get a piece of Sweden, a piece of minimalism, a piece of elegance and a piece of class.

Personally, we loved the Daniel Wellington watches from the moment we set our eyes on them. They felt really light and comfortable and were easy to read. The only thing we missed was a second hand, although it is probably not there for the sake of minimalism. Overall, lovely timepieces with a classic and sleek style.

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