Expensive Watch Brands

Watches are much more than time telling machines. Some help you express your style without having to speak. They do the talking with their design, look, and appearance. Some watches are good conversation starters, while other timepieces impress people around you. There are certain watches that may not look as good as others, but in terms of features, they beat every other product. There are many different timepieces, but like almost everywhere, there’s a luxury category among watches as well. In this blog post, we are going to list the best expensive watch brands as well as present the best high-end timepieces.


Expensive Watch Brands

The world-famous Swiss luxury watchmaker – known for its performance and accuracy – has been manufacturing the finest timepieces since 1905. They produced the first waterproof wristwatch, the first wristwatch that could change the date on the dial automatically, the first wristwatch that was able to show two time zones at once and many more firsts, but there’s so much more worth mentioning about Rolex it’s hard to pick just a few. Whether you’re a fan of the brand or considering buying one, you should know that every Rolex timepiece tells a story, and yours will too!

Baume & Mercier

Expensive Watch Brands

Baume et Mercier is basically the bottom of the top tier of the elite watch brands. They gathered many celebrity ambassadors throughout the years; Ashton Kutcher, Gwyneth Paltrow, Andy García and many other talented people around the globe. Their timepieces are elegant and accurate, thanks to the swiss-automatic movement. If you pick a Baume & Mercier watch, you’ll get an excellent timepiece from a prestigious brand.


Expensive Watch Brands

Even though it was founded in Paris in 1775, Breguet manufactures watches in Switzerland since 1976. Being one of the oldest watchmaking companies and inventors of many watch-making technologies, Breguet timepieces are nowhere near to cheap watches.  But hey, this is a luxury brand with a story to tell, and this compilation is all about showcasing these companies and their watches. And when it comes to their timepieces, you get to see many perfectly designed wristwatches waiting for their owner to grab them and rule the world together.


Expensive Watch Brands

The brand is famous for being the creator of one of the most complicated mechanical timepieces. According to Blancpain, they’ve never made a watch with the quartz movement or with digital display ever before, and neither they’re planning on doing it in the future. Blancpain was founded in Switzerland, so that’s where the swiss-automatic movement comes from. Just like the other brands in this list, Blancpain maintains the image of their brand by manufacturing prestigious and elegant watches. To be exact, around thirty per day.

Patek Philippe

Expensive Watch Brands

Another swiss brand, Patek Philippe was founded in 1851, in Switzerland. With one of the most complicated mechanical watches, Patek Philippe & Co. not only manufactures timepieces but movements as well. We would like to name a few past owners, just so that everyone understands how illustrious this brand is; Pope Pius IX, Queen Victoria, Victor Emanuel III.

Audemars Piguet

Expensive Watch Brands

The swiss manufacturer Audemars Piguet is indeed a luxury brand. They provide one of the most unique and complicated mechanical watch collection. The brand is famous for its craftsmanship and for their new product line “Royal Oak”. Many celebrities have worn Audemars Piguet timepieces, just to name a few: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Muhammad Ali, Lionel Messi, LeBron James and Jay-Z.

TAG Heuer

Expensive Watch Brands

The company was founded in 1860 in Switzerland and is one of the most promoted luxury brands in the world. With celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo and Tom Brady, they are reaching out to everyone. Luckily, they manufacture entry-level luxury watches for affordable amounts. Many of the TAG Heuer watches feature chronographs, and with innovative and modern design, they are one of the most successful manufacturers in their price range.


Expensive Watch Brands

You wouldn’t figure out in which country Breitling was founded, would you? Yes, in Switzerland. Breitling timepieces are known for their durability and for being amazingly accurate. They mostly market their products towards diving and aviation, but don’t worry; they look absolutely stunning and fulfill most needs of average men.


Expensive Watch Brands

In the watch manufacturing industry, there is very few more influential company than Omega. Their luxury watches are made in Switzerland, no surprise. But here’s a fun fact: Omega is the official timekeeping partner of the Olympic games since 1932. Two of their most popular product lines are Seamaster and Speedmaster, however, there are several different, yet spectacular Omega watches for different needs and purposes.


A popular brand choice between celebrities and mainstream press nowadays. This French company has been manufacturing expensive watches for 170 years, and ever since they provide quality with their timepieces. The roman numerals on Cartier watches’ face became just as iconic as Kate Middleton’s Cartier Ballon Bleu timepiece she once was wearing.

The bonus: Hublot

Expensive Watch Brands

Hublot – a company with a short history – surely stands out from the crowd. The company was founded by an Italian, Carlo Crocco in 1980. By now, they have 50 boutiques all over the world. Their watches are designed precisely and are accurate like an atomic watch. Certain Hublot timepieces are famous for their extravagant, luxury appearance and if you have a look at the watches below, you’ll surely agree.


We hope in this compilation of some of the most expensive watch brands you could find what you were looking for. Whether you’re considering buying a watch from the luxury category or just wanted to know the most expensive watch brands, you’ll surely agree that making a decision in this price range is not easier at all. Once you decide to purchase one, you’ll come to the conclusion that there are too many offers on the table. Narrowing down the possibilities and listing your needs could help ruling out a few, but even then you would be left with around 4-5 different brands and a lot more watches to pick from.


Our picks

Between $800-$4000, the Tag Heuer Formula 1 is a perfect choice if you’re looking for an entry level luxury watch with an elegant and modern look. The black dial and the stainless steel case and bracelet looks breathtaking.

For $4000-$10000, the Rolex Submariner is one of the best choices. This timepiece is a versatile one; you can wear it with every outfit. An elegant and classy watch for a stylish owner.

If you can go up to $10000-$100000, just buy Patek Philippe Grand Complications. I think without a doubt is is a spectacular and brilliant timepiece from an excellent brand. Can’t go wrong with this one in its category.

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