Most of my visitors want to get an honest and independent review on the watches they set their eyes on, so in this Original Grain watches review I’ll give them what they want; an unbiased and professional opinion on these timepieces. I own two Original Grain watches, and I am really impressed with them so far. The reasoning is simple: they are beautiful, durable and just the right balance of wood and steel.

Don’t have time to read the full review? Here are the best Original Grain watches!

About Original Grain Watches

  • Each watch is handcrafted to ensure durability. Also, all Original Grain watches are completely adjustable.
  • For every Original Grain watch sold, the company plants 10 trees.
  • High quality mineral crystal glass protects the natural wood dial.
  • Even though wooden watches weren’t meant to be submerged, Original Grain watches are water-resistant to 5atm.

Original Grain Watch Review – Is it any good?

It doesn’t occur very often to a customer to feel compelled to write a review on a product they previously bought – but it is the case when it comes to Original Grain watches. When I got one for the very first time I knew I’d be writing this review for the sole purpose of telling my visitors how great this timepiece actually is. The brand Original Grain claims that each of their watch is an original, and this is true. You may find similar timepieces, but no two pieces are the same. Original Grain watches are handcrafted, using traditional woodworking techniques and a variety of exotic hardwoods.

Their sources of wood material are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and by using strictly premium wood, Original Grain watches won’t degrade or lose color over time. Additionally, Original Grain watches are scratch-resistant and water resistant to 5atm (even though it is not recommended to submerge while having this watch on.

Original Grain Wood Watches Review – Barrell Collection

“Embodying the same bold characteristics as the wood that inspired it, the Barrel Collection features the first and only watch made with authentic American Oak reclaimed from whiskey barrels.”

Yes, one of the Original Grain watches are indeed made out of American Oak, the exact same material that whiskey barrels are made out of. In fact, when the watch you ordered arrives, it comes in a wooden box – just a touch of class. The Barrel Collection watches are top-notch quality timepieces with a simple yet unique look. (I didn’t want to put eye-catching, but be prepared for people complimenting it.) These watches are perfect pieces of accessories for both casual and professional occasions.

Here are our favorites, but if you want to check out all the watches from the collection, simply just click on one of the watches, and on Amazon, select your preferred timepiece under the “Color” section.

Original Grain Wood Watches Review – Alterra Collection – The KOA

“Inspired by Hawaiian nobility, designed to enhance yours.”

By far the most expensive watch on Original Grain’s list is this beauty from the Alterra Collection. Original Grain has mastered an intricate stonewashing process for the sole purpose of maximizing durability and preserving the watches’ original look for decades. This certain chronograph timepiece is designed to withstand the thrills of adventures, and it comes with a gorgeous style. The watch itself looks ridiculously cool, and features a 60 second stopwatch system as well as a one-hour timer and a three-day date function.

This particular timepiece features Koa wood from Hawaii, and while it looks great on pictures, it looks even better in person. (Note: Koa means fearless in Hawaiian.) It is suitable for both formal and casual occasions, and can be a perfect and unique gift for your loved one. If you need more information or pictures on it, click the link below and check out what others think about it.

Original Grain Wood Watches Review – Brewmaster Collection

“Unique timepiece that seamlessly integrate natural hardwood and stainless steel.”

Each and every Brewmaster watch – and remember that no two watches are the same – are made with reclaimed wooden beer barrels from Germany. This collection – just like the Alterra – also features a 60 second stopwatch system as well as a one-hour timer and a three-day date function. Very nice quality, elegant design, what else do you need?

Yes, accurate timekeeping. The Japanese quartz movement ensures precision, and you also get 1 year warranty on this Original Grain watch. This handmade timepiece is a quality piece for all occasions, for boys and men as well. If you are interested in how these watches are made, or want to know more information about these timepieces, just click on the link below. You can also read customer reviews below the products, so make sure to check out what others think about this Original Grain watch.

Minimalist Original Grain Watches

As a premier maker of natural wood and steel watches, Original Grain has designed minimalist wooden watches for its fans. A simple, minimalist and clean watch can always match one’s outfit and also fits most occasions. This minimalist Original Grain watch is simply one of the most unique wooden watches I’ve ever seen. It is made out of Zebrawood from Central Africa, and features brown leather band and Japanese Miyota Quartz Movement. The wood around the dial is beautiful, and overall this watch is simply a quality piece. If you fancy a wooden watch with a simple and clean design, then we say go for it!

Original Grain Classic – Black & Rosewood

This exotic hardwood (rosewood) originates from Eastern & Central Africa, and at first glance it looks great on a wrist.  You may need to take a couple links out as the band might be too long for your wrist, but it can be done easily. Other than that, this watch is beautiful, eye-catching and certainly different. Additionally, this timepiece is water-resistant to 5ATM, however, it should not be submerged for long periods of time.


I think it is not easy to make a unique wooden watch. What is even more difficult is to make it look classy, elegant and simple at the same time. Original Grain made quality watches that are admired, complimented and bought all around the world. My honest opinion is that while it is not the cheapest wooden watch, it is most likely the best-looking wood watch ever made. I encourage you to check out a couple of Original Grain watches before committing to a certain one. They all look beautiful, and work like a charm. Much recommended by the team of

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