Skagen Watches Review

This company from Denmark was founded on minimalist values. The watches they manufacture are simple, clean and aesthetic. In fact, they have a whole different approach to the world of watches than other companies. They “never satisfy with close enough”, and this attitude provides the eye-catching design and the long-lasting timepieces. While reading our Skagen watches review, you’ll get a detailed and independent opinion on the best Skagen watches. We hope that after finishing this article, you’ll get to know why these watches are unique and great as well as realize which timepiece is the most suitable for you.

Skagen Watches ReviewSkagen Grenen 233XLTTNP

If you prefer thin watches over thick ones, and you desire an eye-catching and attractive timepiece, then you might want to consider buying this. The titanium case (37 cm) and stainless steel mesh band complement the blue dial beautifully. This watch is elegant, minimalistic, clean and fits well with business or casual attire. The quartz movement ensures accuracy, while the mineral crystal display protects this timepiece from scratches and impact. This watch withstands water splashes or rain, but it is not suitable for swimming. Even though it looks expensive, you can grab it on Amazon for an affordable and reasonable price. Overall, it is much recommended, but if you’re unsure, feel free to read the customer reviews.

Skagen Watches ReviewSkagen Klassik SKW6024P

This timepiece is true to its name, it is a clean watch with a classic design and a supreme quality. This piece has a stainless steel case and mineral crystal window, and the case diameter (45 mm) is much bigger than in the case of other Skagen watches. It also comes with quartz movement and it is water resistant to 30m, so no swimming with it either. The date window is at 6 o’clock, but the Skagen Klassik comes with a leather calfskin band, which is extremely comfortable. Among customer reviews, you can find a few that praise the accuracy of this timepiece, while some reviews are complimenting the elegant and simple design.

Skagen Watches ReviewSkagen Ancher SKW6104

Although it has many similarities with the Skagen Klassik timepiece, this watch has a bit different design and it looks absolutely gorgeous. We’ve been testing this watch for 3 months, and not a single complaint so far. The design is beautiful, the dominant black color is elegant and it suits almost all occasions. This watch comes with a 40mm stainless steel case and a crystal mineral window. Thanks to its quartz movement, it is accurate and keeps time pretty well. Just like with similar models, this Skagen watch also has a date window at 6 o’clock. Overall, the watch is easy to read and suits most outfits. A long-lasting and elegant timepiece it is.

Preview Product Price
Skagen Men's Ancher Quartz Stainless... Skagen Men's Ancher Quartz Stainless... $145.00 $95.68

Skagen Grenen 233XLTTMP

Just like the first timepiece on our list, this one is also an elegant and thin watch. It demands attention, and really is an eye-catcher. It also has the titanium case and the steel mesh band. Furthermore, just like the Grenen with the Blue Dial, this version also has the date sub-dial, and its display is mineral crystal as well. The Japanese quartz movement provides accuracy, and it is a precise timepiece indeed! Water resistant up to 30 meters, but don’t wear this when you jump into a pool, as it only withstands splashes of water.

Preview Product Price
Skagen Men's White Label Titanium... Skagen Men's White Label Titanium... $155.00 $95.35

Skagen Watches ReviewSkagen Ancher SKW6108P

A simple watch with a simple purpose to impress. And it does it, big time. The gray dial with the durable steel mesh case and bracelet give this timepiece a premium look. It is a durable and comfortable watch, with a date window at 6 o’clock, just like on many other Skagen watches. It is an elegant and clean timepiece with a simple face dial. Also, it is water resistant to 30 meters, and its quartz movement ensures accuracy. A good pick for all types of outfits.

Preview Product Price
Skagen Men's Ancher Quartz Stainless... Skagen Men's Ancher Quartz Stainless... $175.00 $141.88

Skagen Watches ReviewSkagen Melbye SKW6078P

Firstly, this round titanium watch is something to admire. The steel mesh bracelet is comfortable and durable, and customers can confirm that as well. On the dial, you can find a date and day window as well. The medium sized case (40mm) and the mineral crystal glass protect the timepiece from starches and impact. Additionally, this watch is water resistant up to 50 meters, meaning you can wear this for shorter swimming sessions, but avoid scuba diving while having this timepiece on your wrist.

Preview Product Price
Skagen Men's SKW6078 Titanium Mesh... Skagen Men's SKW6078 Titanium Mesh... $165.00 $102.96

Skagen Watches ReviewSkagen Hagen SKW6216P

We loved its soft leather strap, it was indeed comfortable during the test week. Also, the minimalistic and clean design makes this watch suitable for every occasion. As you already know, Skagen watches are using quartz movement, so this timepiece is quite accurate for its price. It is water resistant up to 50 meters, so it’s suitable for recreational swimming. The main difference with this watch is that it has a 60-second sub-dial, and the logo is positioned at 3 o’clock. Otherwise, it has the same quality we got used to while testing different Skagen timepieces.

Preview Product Price
Skagen Men's SKW6216 Hagen Dark Brown... Skagen Men's SKW6216 Hagen Dark Brown... $175.00 $165.65

Skagen Watches ReviewSkagen Balder SKW6076P

According to Skagen, they designed this watch “to resist wear and tear”. With a titanium case, it seems quite realistic to say that. The analog quartz movement works flawlessly and accurately, while the scratch-resistant crystal mineral display protects the dial. With the Skagen Balder, we get 3 sub-dials as additional features: 30-second timer, a 60-minute timer, and a 24-hour display. This watch is water resistant to 50 meters, so as you may already know, you can use it for shorter swimming sessions, but it is not recommended to go scuba diving while wearing this timepiece.



Skagen watches are elegant and clean with breath-taking and sleek design. Some would even think that these watches cost much more than they actually do. Thanks to its versatility, Skagen watches suit almost all occasions, and fit any attire from casual to formal.


These watches are extremely accurate thanks to the Japanese quartz movement. We didn’t have the chance to test these watches for more than a few weeks, so we asked a few owners about how their Skagen timepieces perform after months or years of daily wear. The feedback was unexpectedly positive, all the owners confirmed what we thought: these watches remained accurate after many months and years.


As in terms of durability, Skagen watches impressed us. Not only the display is scratch-resistant, but after dropping these watches several times and getting soaking wet while wearing them, they still work like nothing happened.


When it comes to the pricing, I think Skagen watches have reasonable and affordable prices. They offer a good value for money, and they look and feel like a much more expensive watch.

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