Have you ever thought about why almost all watches are set to 10:10 on billboards, in tv commercials or even in real life? The hour hand is usually set to 10, while the minute hand is at 2 o’clock position. If you’d like to find out the reasons yourself, you’ll have a hard time. In this article, we’ll give you a few hints to help you find out why all watches are set to 10:10 in advertisements!

watch position 10 10

The main reason is a simple one, really: aesthetics. But let’s list the real visual advantages of setting the hands at 10:10:

  • it is a perfect position to frame the manufacturer’s logo
  • it creates the appearance that the timepiece is actually smiling (called emotional marketing)
  • this position is symmetrical, and human brain tends to like orderliness and symmetry
  • in this position, the hands won’t cover signatures, dials and date windows
  • lastly, the hands are kept from overlapping.


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